Application Mandate

The application process can seem intimidating. Our team will give you a complete time frame for every schedule and help you with the application which can increase the chances of you getting admission in your desired course and university.

Course Selection

As representatives of various colleges and universities, we are updated on the courses and programs of study offered. This helps us guide our students in making the right decision when it comes to choosing the course of study and which best fits their requirements.

Credentials Guidance

Credentials building is vital to raise your expertise, skills, achievements and involvement in order to get admission. We bring you the experience to do things the right way in order to help you get closer to what you want to achieve.

Documentation Assistance

Documentation process varies with different educational institutions. We work together with the student to make this a hassle-free process so that it is easier to navigate and procure admission with ease.

Visa Guidance

Procuring a study visa is the most important element in the application process. Our team of advisors will provide you with a checklist on the documentation needed and steps to apply for a study visa. This ensures a strong possibility of success rate for visa approval.

Pre-Departure and Post-Landing Guidance

As students embark on their journey, it is natural to be overwhelmed and anxious. We provide support and guidance not only in securing admission, but continue to be the anchor after students land in Canada. We have a student community body that meets up every month and do fun things together. This provides them an opportunity to build a strong network and connect with fellow-students from other educational institutions.

This is not the end of our relationship, but a new beginning as our goal is to see your dreams come true.